Shubham Charitable Association


Shubham Charitable Association is dedicated to empowering underprivileged women through vocational training programs. Our Economic Empowerment project focuses on providing skill training in sewing and tailoring, enabling women to attain sustainable livelihoods. By acquiring these vocational skills, women gain the ability to earn a living with dignity. Through our training initiatives, we aim to uplift and support these women toward a brighter and more self-reliant future.


Shubham Charitable Association is also working to empower underprivileged women by providing training in beautician skills. Our beautician courses encompass a wide range of studies and applications of various beauty treatments, also known as cosmetology. Our goal is to furnish women with the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in the beauty industry, thereby enabling their personal and professional growth. Through our beautician courses, we aim to provide women with the necessary tools and expertise to excel in this field.

Computer Training

Our computer training program at Shubham Charitable Association aims to empower underprivileged youth and women. By participating in our courses, you can attain proficiency in a wide range of computer skills, from basic to advanced levels. Enhance your marketability and job prospects with comprehensive training videos covering applications, systems software, web design, programming, and more.

Mobile Repairing

At Shubham Charitable Association, we offer training on mobile phone repair for underprivileged youth. Our course covers the fundamentals of mobile phone repair, equipping you with the skills to repair 2G and 3G phones. Gain knowledge in both hardware and software components, and learn practical procedures for ensuring safety and managing health hazards.

Hair Stylist

Hairdressing is an exciting career that involves enhancing the appearance, style, and health of clients’ hair. If you have a creative flair and enjoy working with people, becoming a hairdresser could be a great choice. Explore the diverse skills and competencies required for this role and embark on a rewarding journey with Subham’s hairdressing classes in the field of hair styling.


Shubham Charitable Association is also offering training to underprivileged farmers on updated techniques to boost agricultural improvement in villages. Our training session focuses on providing skill-based training to rural youth in various agri-based vocational areas, aligning with the National Policy on Skill Development & Entrepreneurship-2015. The aim is to promote employment opportunities in agriculture and allied sectors, thereby fostering economic growth and empowerment in rural areas.