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Project- 2022-2023

Proposition on Project Being and Becoming (6 Step Program)

Project Being and Becoming  is the model and dream project of Shubham.

We plan to start with the project by the renovation of proposed school by the Honorable Deputy Commissioner Sir and then the following activities as well.


School Renovation:

To renovate and paint the School, Classrooms, Bathrooms in a manner that they are suitable to generate a positive vibe in the students in all the aspects.


Beautification of School area:

To promote beautification of the school area by the help of the students and planting tress in necessary areas of the school.

Also to motivate and influence the students to maintain the natural look of the school for their wellbeing.


Motivational Workshop:

As the students spend their majority time at home, so we have seen that it is very important to motivate the parents to create a Ideal future of our country.

Shubham takes the initiative to conduct motivational counselling for the students and the parents in various topics like –

  1. Health and hygiene
  2. Child care
  3. Yoga and Meditation
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Skill Development
  6. Women Welfare
  7. Patriotism
  8. Brotherhood, etc.


Sports and Other Curricular Activities:

To make the students physically stable and keep their mind fresh and active it is very important to give them the space to expose themselves in Sports and Other Curricular activities of their choice.

Shubham hereby will conduct some of the such ventures to make this possible in starting phase of the project.

promote a Healthy and Nourished environment to the School going Children, it is very essential to make them understand the importance of Personal hygiene.

The following will be conducted in a preliminary stage to promote the nature of personal hygiene amongst the children and their parents as well


Following points to be taken care of during the period:

  1. Showering/Bathing
  2. Cleanliness of Hair & Faces
  3. Odour Free Body
  4. Cleanliness of Clothing
  5. Managing Adolescent Changes (Hormonal)
  6. Oral Hygiene
  7. Hand & Feet Hygiene
  8. Menstrual Hygiene


Special focus: Zero Budget Natural Farming under the Guideline of            Padma Shri Subhash Palekar

Advantages of Zero Budget Natural Farming Unique Points of Zero Budget Natural Farming

1.Zero budget natural farming reduces the initial cost of farmers.

2.Farmer’s income automatically increases.

3.The soil ecosystem improves.

4.Cow dung adds soil value. It is full of nutrients value and available locally.

5.Bacteria of cow dung decompose the organic matter in soil and make soil for the plants.

6.It required less electricity and water.

7.ZBNF improves the productivity of the soil.

8.It decreases the disease attack risk on the crop.

9. In Zero Budget Farming we use utilizing less chemical fertilizer, farming production quality improves.

1.Sustainable growth.

2.Cost-free Farming.

3.Chemical-free food.

4.It consumes the least electricity and the least water.

5.No extra labor required.

6.Saves farmer’s life from suicide cases.

Implementing States of Zero Budget Natural Farming

1.Haryana – 80 acres in Gurukul, Kurukshetra

2.Punjab – 1000 acres

3.Karnataka – 10 Agro climate zones

4.Andhra Pradesh – 5.01 lakh acres

5.Himachal Pradesh – Across the state

Our Regular Project

स्व सुरक्षा 

शुभम द्वारा अपने सभी संस्थानों में महिलाओं को स्व सुरक्षा की ट्रैनिंग दी जाएगी। 

दिनांक १ सितंबर २०२१ से पायलट प्रोजेक्ट प्रारम्भ 

Skill Development Projects

Benificeries : Above 11000 

self Funding-8350

Government Funding- 2870

  1. Mason
  2. Plumber
  3. Carpenter
  4. Electrician
  5. Painter
  6. Domestic Data Entry
  7. Self Employed Tailoring
  8. Hand Embroiderer
  9. Mobile Phone Repair Technician
  10. Organic Farming
  11. Mushroom Farming
  12. Beauty Therapist
  13. Hair Stylist
  14. Self Employed Tailoring
  15. Hand Embroiderer
  16. Gardener
  17. Cooking
  18. Baking

उन्नत हो समाज हमारा 

  1. Self Value
  2. Social Value
  3. National Value
  4. Good parenting
  5. Respect to Elderly People
  6. Personal Hyguine
  7. Self Defense

हर हाथ को काम 

  1. स्वयं सहायता ग्रुप 
  2. ग्रामीण लघु उद्योग 
  3. प्रदर्शनी 
  4. अनलाइन सेल 

एक कदम गावं की ओर

Awareness Program

By Virual 

Child Welfare Project

    1. Personal Hyguine
    2. Health Awareness
    3. Respect to Parents and others
    4. Mental Strength
    5. Social Value
    6. Nationlism
    7. Envoironment
    8. Swacchta
    9. Save Water
    10. Yoga and Meditation
    11. Respect to Elderly People

Women Welfare Project :

  • Create an environment in every family where women are to always respected.
  • To spread awareness for proper care at the time of menstruation, pregnancy and delivery.
  • Regular Health Check-up
  • Awareness program , health and Hygiene, Nationalism, Nature and creature to be taught as part of elderly education.
  • To promote personal health and hygiene.


    Health Care Project

    • Regular Health Check-up.
    • By the Help of Civil Hospital Shillong, Regular Medical Health Camp (Every Three Month)

    Farmer Welfare Project

    • To make farmers understand the importance of farmers’ land through Soil Testing
    • To encourage farmers for organic farming.
    • Training of Vermicompost to every farmer and encouraging for improved organic food in farming.
    • Promoting new experiments to increase the yield of cultivation in less landMake the farmers aware of the price of the produce and link it to the market.
    • To make farmers aware of the use of organic medicines to keep the produce germ free.


      Social Welfare Project

      • To create an environment of clealiness and motivate every one to keep the village clean.
      • To arrange participation of the young villagers, women to clean the village altenatively once in a week.
      • To keep a close watch in the Anganwadi and other works.
      • To plant flowers and other beautification samplings in the roadside , school area and vacant places.
      • gardening of medicinal plants.
      • promoting brotherhood in every villagers.
      • Setting up fair price shops.
      • Promoting small industries with rural resources.
      • Promoting handicrafts.
      • Using village waste in the proper way. (Awareness)
      • To help the villagers in employability by various govt schemes.
      • Creating one village committee to look after all the above mentioned values.

        उन्नत हो समाज हमारा 

        Social Welfare Project: Urban Area

        Social Awareness is the ability to take the prespective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and culutures, to understand social and ethicalk norms for behaviour, and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.
        Therefore, Shubham regularly attempts to raise social consciousness through moral education.

        1. Personal Hyguine
        2. Health Awareness
        3. Respect to Parents and others
        4. Mental Strength
        5. Social Value
        6. Nationlism
        7. Envoironment
        8. Swacchta
        9. Save Water
        10. Yoga and Meditation
        11. Respect to Elderly People

        स्वास्थ ही जीवन

        Health Awareness Project

        Health Camp




        संस्कार संस्कृति 

        Cultural and Spritual Project

        सेवक थाली 

        Regular Rashan Distribution Project: 

        Project Head : Ritu Agarwal and Kanak Goyal

        स्वच्छ भारत 

        ग्रामीण स्वच्छता एवं सौंदरीकरण 

        शहरी स्वच्छता एवं सौंदरीकरण 

        आओ पेड़ लगाएं  

        खाली पड़ी भूमि में प्रति वर्ष ११००० वृक्षारोपण 

        जल है तो जीवन है  

        वाटर हार्वेस्टिंग ट्रैनिंग एण्ड सेट-अप 

        ग्रामीण एरिया 

        Shubham Charitable Association

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