Shubham Charitable Association


Livelihood refers to the means by which individuals or families earn a living and support themselves financially. It encompasses the resources, skills, and activities people engage in to generate income and meet their basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials.

Livelihoods can take various forms depending on the context and the economic opportunities available in a particular region or society. Some common livelihood strategies include

Wage Employment

Candidates are working as employees for private companies, government organizations, or non-profit entities. This  involves jobs in various sectors such as manufacturing, services, agriculture, education, healthcare, and more.

Self Employment

Some individuals choose to start their own businesses or work independently as entrepreneurs, freelancers, or artisans. They offer goods or services to customers directly or operate small-scale enterprises.

Agriculture and Farming


Many candidates were in the field of Mushroom Growing and Organic Farming and rely on agricultural activities to sustain their livelihoods, cultivating crops or raising livestock for sale or personal consumption.

Art and Crafts

Skilled artisans and craftsmen create handcrafted products for sale, such as Embroidery Clothes, Textiles, Traditional jewelry, Wood products and Show pieces and other artisanal goods.