Shubham Charitable Association

Independence Day

15th August holds great significance for all Indians, and Shubham Charitable Association proudly celebrates this historical day. We commemorate the brave leaders who fought for freedom, sacrificing their lives to liberate our nation from centuries of British rule. On this special day, our president hoists the national flag, symbolizing our unity and pride. We distribute sweets, and chocolates to people, irrespective of their economic or social backgrounds. We are delighted to have a large number of participants joining our celebration, making it a memorable day for everyone.

Republic Day

Shubham Charitable Association joyfully celebrates Republic Day on 26th January each year. It marks the day when the Indian constitution came into effect, solidifying India’s complete independence and its status as a democratic nation. This significant day is commemorated nationwide to promote unity, harmony, and the understanding of the value and importance of democracy and the Constitution. Our president proudly hoists Tiranga at our organization’s premises and motivates us with his speeches on our responsibilities, rights, and duties toward our society and country symbolizing our commitment to upholding the principles of our great nation.

Cultural Program on Diwali

Shubham Charitable Association organizes a vibrant Cultural Program on Diwali. Our talented trainees and students enthusiastically participate in various artistic endeavors such as singing, dancing, reciting, and showcasing their diverse talents. This event serves as a platform for them to express their creativity and showcase their skills. The program is filled with joy, celebration, and cultural exchange, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.

World Youth Skills Day

As SCA is committed to developing skills among unprivileged youths, World Youth Skills Day remains a must celebrated event for us. On this day we actively organize exciting events to encourage and support the trainees in their respective courses. Our dedicated trainers provide motivation and create a conducive learning environment. They offer hands-on practice opportunities, enabling the trainees to gain practical skills and experience. We believe in empowering the youth through skill development, equipping them with the tools to excel in their chosen fields and contribute to the nation’s progress.