Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

Sri Sri Thakur, The Prophet

Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra was an incarnate of God, in the lineage of all the past prophets namely

Sri Ramachandra, Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Sri Chaitanya and Sri Ramakrishna. All the past prophets, including Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra, are the embodiment of the supreme power, the great Creator. They descended at various times with His message for the welfare of the mankind. They came to save the mankind by demonstrating the path of virtue and virility. They all were the living image of God during their contemporary period. They lived a life, which was the most appropriate for the contemporary humanity to adopt and seek growth and happiness in all spheres of life. At all times, they carry the message of peace and prosperity, love and life, and above all they tell us exactly how to live a life thereby the ultimate objective of mankind can be achieved. They came for the whole mankind. They did not discriminate among caste, creed, ethnic division and geographical boundaries. They suffered for the mankind, still they showed us the path out of sheer mercy for their creation. In all ages, they have shown the path for the evolution of the mankind.

In essence, there is no difference in the ideology preached by all the prophets. All of them had a deep and abiding respect for the past prophets. Sri Sri Thakur, being the latest one, did show utmost regard and reverence for all the past prophets. While glorifying the past prophets, Sri Sri Thakur has carried forward.


Self revelation

The foremost basis of identifying Sri Sri Thakur with the Supreme father is the self-revelation of Sri Sri Thakur. Sri Sri Thakur did reveal his own self to a few disciples. nder various circumstances.

Some of his early associates could know by various incidents that the God has taken the form of Anukul and they got their findings tested again and again. When they were confirmed of their findings, they started spreading this message for the benefit of the humanity. There were a number of symptomatic happenings of the grand descend, even before the child Anukul was born. There were early predictions made by some monks and sages, who apparently were precursors of the prophet and made preparatory arrangement for the Supreme Soul to arrive and serve his mission. The mother Manmohini Devi was blessed and was foretold by few devoted souls about her child. From his childhood days, a number of happenings confirmed that child Anukul was not an ordinary child. His words, behaviour, deed and above all his love and service to his immediate surroundings made him a crowned child. He became saviour to many. He did perform such extraordinary feats that he was liked, appreciated and adored by one and all. He started spreading a holy message, he performed mass spiritual arousal, he cured many a patient, he created a movement by sheer strength of his personality, which radiated nothing but purity and divinity of the highest order.

All these happened normally, without Sri Sri Thakur making any effort for that. He lived a divine life from the early childhood days. His masterly qualities were inborn. During his span of life, he had never taken time off for achieving any kind of power, which he displayed all along. His words became prophetic. His prescribed ideology brought solace and salvation to many souls. People found a normal resemblance with the known divine personalities of immediate past in Bengal like Sri Chaitanya dev and Sri Ramkrishna dev.

The belief and perception that Sri Sri Thakur was the incarnate was put to test by a number of skepticals, and their skepticism was turned into faith and was confirmed by their realization and even hardened criminals got transformed into sages. Faith of a few gradually gathered wings of reason and a nucleus of mass hysteria was generated.

Whoever came into the contact of Sri Sri Thakur got a new vision and the vision transformed not only the individual, but created a new sensitivity around. As if, the society came to posses something it was looking for ages in desperation. That was the early twenties in the twentieth century, when Sri Sri Thakur was in his thirties. That was a period of revelation, when a charming and loving youthful Sri Sri Thakur was spreading the message of love and divinity like wild fire. Who ever came in his touch was finding a sacrificial fire for purification and elevation.

Ideal Centric

Like all the planets move on their orbit centering around the sun, the life of a person exists and continue to move on, based on a pull which remains outside his own self. This is perhaps a primordial affinity in man’s nature, which sometimes has been said as the genial current of the soul. A person’s life gets shaped and formed based on who or what is there at the center. Sri Sri Thakur wants us to put a superior beloved, nay the Supreme Beloved, at that place and tells us to make him the pivot of life. Life is in any way concentric, by origin; we have to only put an Ideal there.

If we do not place an Ideal there, there will be something else in that place, knowingly or unknowingly, which would then drive us in the manner it likes. Invariably, it is any of the various kinds of complexes, which are called obsessions, are found to be there, may be by design or by default. It is a complex psychological process, which is not always perceptible to all of us. But we can understand this at times, may be when we are at a distress, or in a dispassionate mood or may be by some kind of enlightened vision. Whatever may be our perception on this issue, since the issue is very complex, it is advisable to go as per the view of the great sages. Our rational understanding may not be enough to drive deep into it unhurt. Our vision may be shrouded by emotion and indulgence. Nevertheless, it is easier to grasp this while paying attention to the sayings of wise man.

An Ideal is said to be fulfiller the best. We need to have such an ideal before us whom we can follow and be fulfilled to the best of our requirement and who can guide us in the most unerring way.

Goal Of Life

By continuously reminding us about our goal, Sri Sri Thakur has attempted to keep us alert about our goal and the desired path. In fact growth is a natural tendency of life. From the day man takes birth, he aspires to grow and this desire to grow has made it possible for man to scale the heights of evolution passing through generations.

Though the tendency to grow is the most natural and most ancient instinct of man, but there are factors to pull him down and keep him distracted from his goal. Besides, every person has his in built limitations, which are woven around him at any point of time. Notwithstanding all these constraining factors, one has to have a progressive zeal and up hill motion, for which Sri Sri Thakur has provided the clues, which act through various sub systems in our life, namely psychological, physical as well as spiritual. The human body and mind is a very complex system. Sri Sri Thakur knows all the complexities of the system and has outlined a scheme by which the system is maintained and is driven towards its destination.

‘Be progressive’ is not a piece of advice from Sri Sri Thakur. It is Sri Sri Thakur’s wish for us and he has provided the mechanism to fulfil his wish.

Be Inquisitive And Acquisitive

One very important point we need to remind ourselves is that Sri Sri Thakur is not a preacher, who habitually goes on churning out talks and sermons. It may sound disbelieving considering the volumes of literature that has come out of talk of Sri Sri Thakur. Let us be very clear on this issue that Sri Sri Thakur was a man of few words. His talks were very little as much as they were very meaningful and profound. Whenever he has spoken, it is only out of a need, or from an impulse, or in response to a query and at all times, he was very precise.

Sri Sri Thakur has not said thing by way of advice. He has given ideas, solutions, clues and every thing to help someone to do some thing. His every word had an action oriented push to the person whom he said. His words were like a knife in the hands of an expert surgeon. He made people to do things. He guided, he goaded, he traveled along side, he shared loads and he healed wounds, every thing simultaneously. He has never made a public speech, except a few times from his seat addressing his disciples by way of giving them a plan of action and direction.

If Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to be inquisitive and acquisitive, he also showed us the way as to how can we do that. Inquisitiveness in observation and inquisitiveness in service to others are the two qualities Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to practice. Acquisitiveness in skill, knowledge and experience is what Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to develop a habit for. All these to have a healthy and progressive life for oneself along with the environment. When one follows these dicta of being inquisitive and acquisitive, one encounters a lot of other challenges and tasks, which brings new dimensions to life and in the process life goes on rolling and getting refined.

Know The Cause And Effect Relationship

Spiritualism is those thought and deeds, which make mind cause oriented, says Sri Sri Thakur. Most of our problems in life spring from our ignorance of the cause and effect relationship. If we knew what causes what, then things would have been very simple for us and we would have oriented ourselves accordingly. Whatever Sri Sri Thakur has said and done during his life is only perhaps to explore the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of life. Why does man behave in the manner that we see him to behave; and each one behaves in a typical way. How does the society functions, how can the social problems be taken care? What is the solution to the man’s problem in all spheres? How can science and technology be further used for man’s welfare? What is the relationship between spirit and matter? How can man live in peace and prosperity? How can the environment be preserved and promoted? How can we take care of our mental and physical health? What is happening to our cultural fabric; can it be further refined and be made relevant to the present time? Sri Sri Thakur has provided clue to all kinds of issues to understand and manipulate. After Sri Sri Thakur’s advent on this earth, humanity should not commit any serious mistake. The key to knowledge has been left behind by Sri Sri Thakur in a very explicit manner.

After coming in association with Sri Sri Thakur and accepting his discipleship, Deshabndhu Chitta Ranjan Das confessed that ‘now he could see things more clearly than how he used to see earlier’. Having coming to know Sri Sri Thakur, if a little more clarity of vision does not occur to a person, then one has to find a reason for that. It is unusual.

Sri Sri Thakur figuratively can be put in the slot of a mastermind and a hero in action. He knows what is happening at any point in the deep recess of your mind and what can be done to alter the orbit of the planets. For Sri Sri Thakur, there is no miracle. Every cause, every feeling and all wealth of the universe are within his ability to maneuver. The supreme father that he is, he reigns over every thing.

Nourish Your Body And Mind

No one would perhaps dispute the necessity of nourishing body and mind. More or less every one does take care of body and tries to keep mind peaceful. This is perhaps one of the basics of human conduct and living. The problem is with the complexity of the task and ability (or inability) of each person to take care of them. Sri Sri Thakur has provided the codes of health and hygiene including that of mental health. It is not enough that we know these; what is important is that we should practice all these. Sri Sri Thakur by his scheme of ideology has made such provision that health and well being of body, mind and spirit are taken care.

In this context comes the issues of environmental condition, community health, family ambience and so many other issues like values, beliefs and emotions. The way of living and thinking determines our health.

Sri Sri Thakur has woven all these issues into a framework and has provided us some guidelines to follow by which the whole issues are taken care. He has codified laws and rules for a healthy living at each stage of human life that life becomes pure, progressive and prosperous.

Render Service To Your Environment

Environmental service is essential for the existence and growth of man, said Sri Sri Thakur very clearly. He urged his disciples to serve the environment and help the environment to upgrade. He himself has done it in a very splendid way during his lifetime. It is because of his service, sympathy and sense of one ness towards others, people loved him so much. Out of barren stretches of land in Pabna, Sri Sri Thakur made rich harvest and converted the area in to thick vegetation. One of his principles of his keeping good health is to be in touch with the elements of nature and, of course, pure nature.

Nowadays most of us feel that environmental service is a collective job and hence no one single person can be held accountable for that. Be it environment in term of society or environment in terms of nature, we take things granted, and leave them for someone else consideration. Sri Sri Thakur said, no; each one has an environment surrounding him and it his individual responsibility to serve the environment in the interest of his Lord and in the way that the Lord wanted. It is a very tall order on each one of us. But Sri Sri Thakur has said, unless we do it, we will not get rid of our misery and we will only multiply our miserable living.

It is important for us to recollect that the service to environment will not be an act of charity. It will be in our self-interest, as desired by our Lord. Let us also bear in mind that collective means of service to the environment has not been ruled out by Sri Sri Thakur. Depending upon the scale and magnitude of job, collective strength has to be utilized within the framework of brotherhood, keeping the interest of the Lord in the forefront.

Cohesion In Community Life Through Common Ideal

Sri Sri Thakur said the only way to bring about a cohesive society is to mobilize the members of the society around an Ideal. It is imperative that a society has to have a common ideal. That ideal should be such a person who fulfills each one as per distinctiveness. That person can guide and goad all the people on the path of progression without destroying their individual traits, liking and specialties. Once that person is upheld as Ideal and every body follows him a scene of collective prosperity dawns in the society. From the person’s point of view his interest in the Ideal also makes him inter-interested with others following same Ideal. Unity in diversity becomes a reality, when the diverse interests are fulfilled and diverse perspective are properly focused and streamlined.

Sri Sri Thakur was such an Ideal who can be, perhaps who has to be, projected that he is our national Ideal, if we want to have national integrity. Ideologically Sri Sri Thakur fulfills all other sectarian ideals. He does not have conflict with any sect, ism or viewpoint as long as it is brings about existential welfare. He said all isms get culminated in existentialism.

Sri Sri Thakur’s ideology makes a person so refined and flexible that he can accommodate others and serves others, so that collective co-existence becomes a reality. Integrity in thought and action, which comes out of practice of Sri Sri Thakur’s ideology sets the precondition for a collective harmony.

Manipulation Of Habits And Behaviours Is Education

Once Sri Sri Thakur said, “Try to perform those things which are said to be impossible, for the welfare of existence”.
Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to out grow our possibility. Sri Sri Thakur said that each one of us has got immense possibilities, which we are not aware. We need to just go on acquiring and growing forgetting all negatives and overcoming all obstacles. Basically by this process, you turn out to be a doer, leaving the rein in the hands of Sri Sri Thakur. But it is easier said that done. Why? It is our action, which puts a limitation on our possibilities. The activities we normally do are largely governed by our habits and instincts. It is those habits and behaviour, which we need to organize in such a manner that we can do immense things, in a short time, in a right way, in such a manner that the possibilities are realized. To get all these things right, there is only one clue, which is that ‘be attached with the Ideal and get engaged in taking care of his interests’. Through this process, our actions and thought get such a boost that we get propelled towards becoming. No worry, no anxiety, no depression, no aimless searching. Get on to the job, which is what Lord Krishna said to Arjun, ‘pick up your bow and do what I say’. In Sri Sri Thakur’s word, is education; the process of growing and evolving.

Marriage And Eugenics

Eugenics is one of the most important areas on which Sri Sri Thakur has laid emphasis from the point of view of having a better society, more evolved human being and a peaceful conjugal life.

Biological wealth of a person sets the foundation on which a person builds his life. It is also necessary to bring about continuous refinement in that biological wealth by following the principles of eugenics.

If we want to breed qualitatively better persons in the society then it is important that proper matching between male and female is done at the time of marriage.

Principles of biology and eugenics need to be followed for having progeny, who would bring about the best out of parents. Selection of partners at the time of marriage plays a very important role. Compatibility from the point of view of health, family tradition, age, educational attainment, aptitudes and the hereditary family groups (i.e., varna) all these need to be carefully seen before choosing partners.

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The highest manifestation of divine qualities

Sri Sri Thakur has been measured to be much more than what human mind can do up to. By any standard of assessment, one fails to reach the bottom of his depth. During his span of lifetime, it is difficult to estimate as to how many persons would have tried to assess him. People from all walks of life have come, seen, talked and have surrendered at his height of greatness. A look at Sri Sri Thakur, a word from his mouth was enough to fill one’s heart with content. It is something like watching the vast expanse of the sea standing on a beach. When humanity failed to fathom his depth while was overwhelmed by his love and effulgence, then humanity placed him at the highest pedestal and that was the place of the Supreme father. Sri Sri Thakur was seen to be infinite in finite form. By his extraordinary power, he was christened as omnipotent. He could do wonders. So he was the most powerful. He could find solution to all kinds of problems, so he was omniscient. Who else he could be, if he was found to be the dearest and nearest one to every body and does nothing but good to every one? His expertise in any subject, be it knowledge or action, was seen to be unparalleled. The sheer volume of literature that he has dictated, covering a wide range of topics, is something unprecedented in human history.


Similaritywith past prophets

Sri Sri Thakur’s style of living and approach to people was similar with those of past prophets. Sri Sri Thakur played more or less same type or role with regard to his mission and his instruments,

as were done by Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Jesus or Prophet Mohammed. All of them had ‘the welfare of existence’ as their goal, preservation of virtue and eradication of evil as their mission. All of them were lovers of existence. ‘Being and becoming’ was their slogan. Love and service was their instruments. The whole creation, living and non-living alike, was their province.

The concept of ‘dharma’ as explained by Sri Sri Thakur was strikingly similar with that espoused by all the past prophets. ‘Dharma’ is way of living and thinking where by our existence along with the environment remains in tact and gets further elevated by way of balanced growth of spiritual and material being. The codes of conduct and spiritual practices were also essentially similar. A thorough study of all the religious scriptures have brought out that the essence of the preaching of all the prophets are same as what Sri Sri Thakur has taught, but there is difference in style and appearance which is to be attributed to the difference in time and space.

Sri Sri Thakur was found to quote the contents of Gita, Bible and Koran, both in letters and meaning. It is difficult to believe as to how was he doing that without studying those scriptures even once. Many of the apparent contradictions in religious practices were resolved by Sri Sri Thakur by unraveling their true meaning and context. He was able to establish a fine similarity and synthesis among the plethora of versions and interpretations of religion. He in fact would tell what is the intended meaning of the sayings of Gita, Bible & Koran by the respective authors and how the meaning in course of time has suffered distortion. He would even go to the extent of saying the setting under which a particular event did take place and what are causality factors, sequence of events and the characters involved in a particular event. The exact meaning of all the scriptural inscriptions were found crystal clear with Sri Sri Thakur. He could see, what happened and who were the people present when a particular scene in Bible was discussed with him. A number of such happenings leave little doubt in our mind that Sri Sri Thakur was reincarnation of all the prophets.


There is not a single utterance in the collection from the very first to the last in his ideas on Religion, Spiritualism, Education, Society, Money, Industry, Agriculture, Arts, Commerce, Marriage, Conjugal Life, Eugenics, Economics, Politics, Science and others which has not evolved out of his personal realization and experiences and which he has not been trying to materialize in the scale of a seedling here in the Satsang. The life of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra like the Alpine glacier which melts into an infinity of colors as it proceeds onwards, has been breaking into a variety of channels each solving the problems of a particular phase of human necessity. He himself knows in what a sea of bliss for mankind his life will find its consummation. The sayings gave a clear solution to the questions on the different problems of not only the present day world but to the ages to come.

Some of the revelations of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra in Bengali.

1 Satyanusaran (In Pursuit of Truth)
2 Swasthya O Sadachar Sutra (Aphorism on Health & Hygiene)
3 Yati Abhidharma (Upholding principles to be followed by a Saint)
4 Debi-Sukta (Noble sayings about Women).
5 Tapa-Bidhayana 2 Vol. (Proper Regulation of Spiritual Practice).
6 Bidhi-Binyas (Regulation of Destiny).
7 Sad-Bidhayana (Regulation to be followed to perceive the embodiment of truth).
8 Nistha-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Adherence).
9 Adarsha-Binayaka (Proper regulation according to the liking of Ideal).
10 Bidhan-Binayaka (Guiding principles of upholding laws).
11 Samaj-Sandipana (Guiding principles to enlighten society).
12 Bikriti-Binayana (Adjustment of Distortions).
13 Bigyan-Bibhuti (Treasury of Scientific knowledge).
14 Dhriti-Bidhayana 2 Vol. (Proper maintenance of principles of upholdment).
15 Achar-Charyya 2 Vol. (Principles of Conduct & Behaviour).
16 Alochana-Prasange 22 Vol. (Conversations with Sri Sri Thakur).
17 Nana-Prasange 4 vol. (Conversation with Thakur on various Subjects).
18 Katha-Prasange 3 Vol. (Discourses of Sri Sri Thakur).
19 Islam-Prasange (A must read for Muslim Society where Sri Sri Thakur put forward the ideas of complete eradication of sectarian conflict).
20 Punya-Punthi (Holy Book, Revelations of Sri Sri Thakur in Trance i.e Samadhi).
21 Anushruti 7 vol. (Revelations on various topics in simple Rhymes and poetry).
22 Chalar-Saathi (A constant companion for Ideal-centric movement).
23 Pather-Kari (Gems of the way).
24 Nareer-Neeti (Invaluable code of conduct to be followed by Women).
25 Seva-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Service).
26 Neeti-Bidhayana (Proper following of Moral Principles).
27 Kriti-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Activity).
28 Shiksha-Bidhayana (Proper guidance of Education).
29 Darshan-Bidhayana (Proper guidance of Knowledge).
30 Nareer Pathe (Conversations with Sri Sri Thakur about Woman hood).
31 Shaswati (Eternal truths uttered by Thakur).
32 Sambitee (Sri Sri Thakur’s holy utterances on Perfect Knowledge).
33 Taanr-Chithi (A compilation of letters by Sri Sri Thakur).
34 Amiya-Lipi (Solutions related to different daily life problems).
35 Ashish-Banee 2 Vol. (Compilation of messages given by Sri Sri Thakur as blessings on various occasions).
36 Preeti-Binayak 2 Vol. (Utterances about the different forms of love and factors that guide love to the ideal).
37 Jaji-Sukta (Noble utterances on principles of yaajan).
38 Charyya-Sukta (Noble utterances on practice and habit).
39 Bibaha-Bidhayana (Proper system of marriage).
40 Sangya-Samiksha (Invaluable utterances on Religion Philosophy Society, Politics and day to day activities).
41 Bibidha-Sukta (Noble utterances on various subjects).
42 Arya-Pratimokshya (Utterances of Sri Sri Thakur after coming to Deoghar).
43 Deeprakshi (Conversation with Sri Sri Thakur).
44 Jeevan Dipti 3 Vol. (Life exalting Messages of mankind).
45 Arya-Kristi (Discourses on various topics viz. Varnashram, Eugenics, Instincts and many more).
46 Amiya Bani (Holy utterances by Sri Sri Thakur).
47 Sri Sri Thakur O Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das (Includes discussion with C.R Das on Indian Independence and Social Reformation).
48 Akhanda Jivan Darshan (Discussion of life in a society and many different aspects of life).
49 Ista-Prokta (Compilation of different sayings and answer to many complicated questions of various fields).
50 Matri-Mongal (An exclusive book must read by woman).
51 Smriti-Tirthe (An excellent book of old reminiscence).
52 Sono Ritwik (Compilation on functionalities of Ritwik).


There are also many books available either written or compiled by the devotees of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra.

Books in English

1 The Message Vol-1 (Divine utterance on Religion, Spiritualism, Education, Society, Politics, Industry, Commerce and others).
2 Do Vol-2 (Dharma, Ideal, Pursuit of Dharma and Ideal).
3 Do Vol-3 (Love, Service, Activity).
4 Do Vol-4 (Politics, Law, Administration and Social life).
5 Do Vol-5 (Principles of conduct).
6 Do Vol-6 (Character and behaviour).
7 Do Vol-7 (Varnashram, Culture & Tradition, Eugenics, Genetics, Heredity, Marriage, Woman, Conjugal Life).
8 Do Vol-8 (Education, Philosophy, Science, Psychology, Health, Economics).
9 Do Vol-9 (Definition, Universal law etc).
10 Magnadicta (The sayings of the Great Seer, Analytical solution of the diverse problems of man)
11 Lord’s Prayer (Charming forms of divine service, solemn and melodious like Vedic chants).
12 Discourses (A short record of discussions of several dignitaries with Sri Sri Thakur).
13 Who Thou the Revolutionary ? (A record of a few day’s experiences of a political agnostic about Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra).
14 An Integral Philosophy of life (Constitutes the total philosophy of life).
15 Ocean in a teacup (Story of Sri Sri Thakur by Ray Archer Hauserman).
16 Answer to the quest (Ray Hauserman)


Some of the above books are also translated in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Oriya, Assamese, Santhali, Nepali, Marathi, Telegu, Bodo, Gujarati, Tamil, Thar, Manipuri, Maitheli and Bishnupriya Manipuri. There are literary activities, which is seen in the form of a number of books and periodicals in all languages. Journals like Alochana and Saptarchee (in Bengali),Ligate and The See-ence (in English),Urjana (in Oriya), Aryayan (in Hindi) and a few more periodicals get regularly published from this place and carry the message of “living with peace and progress” to the humanity.



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