Future Goal

Shubham Charitable Association

Helping Our Farmers

India is a country where most people live in villages, and it is essential for the country to become self-reliant starting from these villages. India has a lot of natural resources for farming and raising animals. However, small farmers in India face difficulties because they don’t always know what to do. The Indian government is working on different plans to help these farmers become self-sufficient.

Shubham firmly believes that non-government organizations should collaborate with the government to ensure the effective implementation of these schemes and provide the right guidance to small farmers. Shubham is dedicated to achieving this goal through various initiatives.

Self Reliance

When we plan for self-reliance, there are three important things to consider. First, we should think about how many people live in the area. Second, we need to know how much food we can produce there. And lastly, we should focus on saving and managing water, depending on what the plan needs.

Food and Water Security

The basic needs of any individual are food and water. Therefore, ensuring sufficient food security for at least one year is crucial. Additionally, implementing effective water conservation measures during rainfall is essential to harness and preserve water resources. This approach will facilitate access to food and water at the village, block, and district levels, thereby promoting self-reliance.