Covid Relief Work

Raghav Bajaj

Project Incharge Covid Relief Work

Annual Meeting


The annual general meeting of the society is held every year at the society’s head office. All the executive members and about 82% of the general members were present. Our Secretary gave the opening and welcome speech. The meeting was chaired by President Smt. Pushpa Bajaj. The Secretary read out the details of the work done by the society during the previous years and also read out the financial report and the audit report of past years. She also highlighted the achievements of the society and the beneficiaries of the society during the years. The secretary concluded her speech by handing over the podium to the President. The President gave the road map of the society for the current year. Faculties of the society were felicitated for their dedication and the top student beneficiaries were also felicitated for their performance. The meeting came to an end by the vote of thanks given by the Treasurer.

Beneficeries of Kongthong Villagers
200 People Kongthong Villagers

Shubham glad to avail to donate surgical scrubs in Neighrims Hospital today on 11.04.2020.

Received by Dr. Noor, Medical Superintendent of Neighrims, Shillong.

Shubham glad to avail to donate 500 pieces of double layered cloth mask on 25.04.2020 to Health and Family Welfare Minister of Meghalaya.

Received by Shri A.L.Hek, Health and Family Welfare Minister,Shillong.



Shubham Donated SURGICAL  SCRUB on 7.04.2020 to CIVIL  HOSPITAL , Shillong Received by  Sampath Kumar, Commissioner & Secretary to Health & Family Welfare Department, Meghalaya and Dr. S.S. Nongbri, Jt. Of Health Services, Surgeon Superintendent







Shubham Donated SURGICAL CLOTH and HAND MADE WASHABLE MASK  on 1.04.2020 to CIVIL HOSPITAL , Shillong Received by Dr.  Wanbudmi Sutnga Orthopaedic Surgeon, and   Dr. S.S. Nongbri, Jt. Of Health Services, Surgeon Superintendent



Face Mask made by the students of Shubham Self Help Group donated to C.R.P.F -67 on

31.03.2020 and on 04.04.2020






Cloth and Mask Distribution in Sonatalla Village Meghalaya






Food Distribution 


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