Women’s Integrity-Sanitary Napkin Awareness

Awareness of Sanitary Napkins & its Importance

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Menstruation is still a major cause of unequal opportunities worldwide. That while it is
a human right to be able to manage your period with sufficient knowledge, safety,
dignity and without stigma.

Menstruation is difficult without access to the right products or a (menstrual-friendly) toilet. Sometimes people who are menstruating stay home from school, work, sports, or social activities. That creates unequal opportunities. Due to taboos and shame
surrounding menstruation, they grow up with the idea that problems cannot be
discussed openly. Moreover, having your period costs money – not everyone has enough.

Keeping that in mind we have made this proposal for Project Women Integrity to
provide an awareness program on the importance of sanitary napkins and its
usage as the title goes we will reach out to each possible woman in the area and
deliver the required knowledge.


Good menstrual hygiene is essential for the health and dignity of girls and women. Discussions on menstrual hygiene are important for adolescent girls to clarify existing myths and misconceptions around menstrua on. Improving menstrual hygiene is important from the point of view of personal comfort and increased mobility. It also reduces the likelihood of infections resulting from poor hygiene practices during menstrua on. Providing girls with knowledge and skills on maintaining menstrual hygiene improves school attendance among girls, who otherwise may not end school during those days or even drop out of school altogether.

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We will be creating an awareness program along with that we will be distributing certain numbers of the sanitary napkin sponsored by your organization for free (first time) and then we will be promoting your products through our rural co-ordinating team and motivate them to set up a subsidized store from where the females can buy the product at a subsidiary rate (after which).


The awareness project can lead to a great start-up and initiative to overcome the issues of menstrual problems and infectious diseases that can lead to various significant and major ailments of the women of our society. Moreover, the sanitary napkins of your esteemed organization will be available in the most rural parts of the state which will be a milestone for us.