Sponsor For Water And Nutrition – Covid19 period

Campaign from shubham in the period Covid - 19

Financial Help For Poor Families

raised funds 70%

Shubham Charitable Association worked tirelessly throughout the lockdown period. Items that were distributed included dry rations, cooked meals, clothes, life-saving medicines, hygiene kits, masks, sanitizers, gloves, sanitary napkins for women and girls, and essential items for the needy. Our food donation drive did not stop for even a single day. We know the healthcare burden is increasing and so is the burden for caregivers.

Shubham supported the most vulnerable population – the migrant workers who were forced to leave cities for lack of money and resources. Millions witnessed the great Indian migration through television and other social media channels.

our main goals

We tried and eased their pain and struggle by being part of their journey for a few days. The organization distributed food, water, umbrellas, medicines, and other essential items. With the help of your constant in the time of crisis, we have been able to stand in solidarity with those in need.

As humanity continues to fight, you are preparing and adapting to new ways of living. But let’s not forget the most vulnerable in our society. We share the same planet, and we share the same crisis. Real strength lies in supporting each other and lifting those who are weak.

We hope you will continue to help us during our food donation drive, dry ration donation drive, and essential items.

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Protect families from malnutrition. Help families avoid hunger-related illnesses

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food for needy people

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You can help provide cooked meals and weekly ration kits to poor families struggling with the poverty the pandemic has created

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