President’s Message

Shubham has achieved its first goal of delivering service to 11,000 families by March 2020. This was possible only by the blessing of Param Premaya Shri Shri Anukul Thakur’s model and Revered Babai Da. 

Shubham has been continuously achieving its goal of “empowering women towards our prosperous country” without being stopped and uninterrupted. At present time Skill development is an effective measure for our country,  by developing the skills of our countrymen, we can raise entrepreneurs in the society. The youth of our country are hardworking and full of positive energy; they just need an identity so that their confidence can wake up. To demolish negative energy from society, skill development is an important measure. Our government is providing many opportunities for self-reliance. Today, the youth of our country can easily apply for loans to avail this opportunity and can start their independent business. Shubham makes job-givers, not job-takers. We are giving them not only training but also, we are developing communication skills and soft skills for their self-confidence.  We have a large team, more than 30 people who are associated with the society. They plan how to generate new opportunities for the youth along with necessary projects for the needed pregnant women and child welfare. We are planning to train the farmers of Meghalaya and Assam towards modern organic farming in this modern scenario. We have an experienced team of experts who know the modern techniques of organic farming. 

 Since March 2020, the whole world has been facing the pandemic of the Covid 19. During these difficult times, our team of trainees had been active by making cloth double-layered face masks and surgical scrubs for the hospitals in the city. This had not only kept them employed but also they were able to look after their families. Shubham believes in a “strong women-rich country” and that is why we are constantly taking steps towards women empowerment. 

The basic source of all the resources that we need in our life is in our villages, which is the mother of all our needs. Shubham  has decided to reach to some of such rural villages, Kongthong in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya,  Jalabet in West Khasi Hills Districtof Meghalaya,Udalguri in Assam District, where Shubham has been currently providing training for Skill Development, Various Welfare Awareness programmes for Kids, Women and farmers of the villages and regular Swach Bharat Abhiyan is being practised to keep it clean and maintain a healthy environment, despite of our limited resources.

Shubham has further decided to provide some extra facilities for the advancement and development of theses villages by providing them with step 2 requirements as have been mentioned in our Future Plan. 

Its main aim is, to be able to build a Smart Village, where all necessary requirements are fullfilled for the basic living of the children and the villagers in this modern era.

 I am deeply grateful to my colleagues, the founder members, members, and the trainers for their heartfelt help in achieving this great aim of Shubham. Of course, it is very difficult to follow the path of this great goal which could not have been possible without their cooperation and support.

 At the same time, I bow down to my Ideal Shri Shri  Anukul Thakur Ji at the lotus feet of his supreme mercy, ‘Shubham’ is going on the path of achieving his goal. Walking on this path every day, per moment I realized that his supernatural power is with me all the time which guides me throughout.

Pushpa Bajaj

President, Shubham Charitable Association

Shubham Charitable Association

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