Future Plan

Village Development Project

Shubham was established by the Blessings of Pujyaniya Babaai da (Yuvacharya of Satsang) on 28th August  1998, on the basis of  ideology of Shri Shri Thakur ji with the aim of making development in the life, specially upliftment of living in various ways of rural people in our country.

Shubham has tried to work among the people with extreme scarcity away from the necessary resources in their rural areas. We have divided our service functions into two parts.

Shubham Distance Learning Project


Shubham has already started it’s work of service in 10 rural areas of Meghalaya amd Assam. And we are going to start our own units in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Bihar and Jharkhand.
The services coming under it are explained in detail, below.
Right now, when the whole world is suffering from pandemic, this has a big effect on our villages as well.
In such a situation, when all the schools and offices are closed, we have a great opportunity of online classes. With the inspiration of
Rev. Babai da, we are going to start distance learning project for the villagers especially children, youth, women and farmers of our remote villages.
Our effort is to provide smart class in villages set by our selection committee and start online programs amd lessons by connecting the villagers.
Our resolution is to start this project on our 23rd Foundation Day providing services to the five villages of five States. For this a team of skilled people is being created.
We wish to expand the project and provide services to more villages very soon.
With this a lot of information can be provided to the villagers living in backward and remote villages of our country.
We need dedicated people to take this project to other villages and with their help we can serve more of the villagers.

Shubham Field Work  Project


People living in the city,having all the resources, have we ever thought that the basic source of all the things we need in our life comes from villages and from the farmers. But can we think how their standard of living is? How is their children’s life going?
I have felt their sufferings within me during these 23years of my journey.
They do not have the opportunity to fulfill the simple necessities of their life.
It is not that our government doesn’t make good policies. Policies were made and were also allocated, but due to fixed and personal interests, the policies for which they were made could not be reached. Due to some certain public from top to bottom, these policies didn’t hit the ground.
How will a country progress, where the villages are not prosperous?
Through our limited resources of Shubham, we have identified some of such villages which are extremely backward.
The task list that we have made prominent in this campaign are given below.
We need support from the people globally, who feel the pain for those villagers to complete our work.
We are not yet able to complete our Step-2 tasks as we have a limited resource system with out major support.
We want to complete the task by April, 2022 amd our resources for Step-2 is very less.
So I request each and every one to come forward in this noble project.


Organizing a village committee which will take note and evaluate all the values.

Child Welfare Project


  • Monitoring of  Vaccination of each child at right time.
  • Providing all the necessary hygiene and prospering the children timely.
  • Arranging school bags, text books and other necessary schooling facilities to the students.
  • Providing the children proper medical assistance for nutrition etc.
  • To provide them the knowledge of letters, fruits, legends of the country with the help of picture and drawings.
  • To provide lessons towards respecting elders and women from childhood and to instil the love for nature amongst them.
  • Creating one village committee to look after all the above mentioned values.


  • Arranging proper playing facilities field for every child.
  • Arrangement upto class 10th education for each child.
  • To provide computer training to the children and make them aware of scientific experiments time to time.


Women Welfare Project :


  • Create an environment in every family where women are to always respected.
  • To spread awareness for proper care at the time of menstruation, pregnancy and delivery.
  • Regular Health Check-up
  • Awareness program , health and Hygiene, Nationalism, Nature and creature to be taught as part of elderly education.
  • To promote personal health and hygiene.


  • To open various types of training centres for skill development of women to make them independent and self sufficient.
  • To conduct exhibition to promote SHG products.


Health Care Project


  • Regular Health Check-up.
  • By the Help of Civil Hospital Shillong, Regular Medical Health Camp will be arranged accordingly ( most probably in Every Three Month).


  • Opening of a health center in the village.
  • To conduct 6 months special training of nursing to two girls of Kangthang village.
  • Appointment of both girls to the health center as health workers.
  • Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure ETC Facilities.
  • Wheel Chair, Stretcher Facilities.
  • Children, women, and old people of Kongtong village can get initial treatment.


Farmer Welfare Project


  • To make farmers understand the importance of farmers’ land through Soil Testing
  • To encourage farmers for organic farming.
  • Training of Vermicompost to every farmer and encouraging for improved organic food in farming.
  • Promoting new experiments to increase the yield of cultivation in less landMake the farmers aware of the price of the produce and link it to the market.
  • To make farmers aware of the use of organic medicines to keep the produce germ free.


  • Providing seeds of good varieties.
  • Proper arrangement of irrigation.
  • To arrange storage of produce. Proper arrangement of traffic to carry the produce.


Social Welfare Project

Step- 1

  • To create an environment of clealiness and motivate every one to keep the village clean.
  • To arrange participation of the young villagers, women to clean the village altenatively once in a week.
  • To keep a close watch in the Anganwadi and other works.
  • To plant flowers and other beautification samplings in the roadside , school area and vacant places.
  • gardening of medicinal plants.
  • promoting brotherhood in every villagers.
  • Setting up fair price shops.
  • Promoting small industries with rural resources.
  • Promoting handicrafts.
  • Using village waste in the proper way. (Awareness)
  • To help the villagers in employability by various govt schemes.
  • Creating one village committee to look after all the above mentioned values.

Step- 2

  • Construction or Renovations,as per required, of the houses of the villagers inorder to keep them away from natural calamaties and give them a standard of living.
  • Construction of bathrooms and toilets in each house of the village.
  • Construction of  entry gates of the village and scuplting village’s name on it.
  • Providing electricity, sanitation and drinking water to the villagers.
  • Making rain water harvesting possible for every household of the village.
  • To take proper care of the roads of the villages and beautify them.
  • To arrange and beautify the playgrounds for the children.
  • To look into the drainage system.
  • providing solar lights in the streets.
  • Opening of health center.
  • Cleaning the villages ponds and lakes.
  • Bio gas (cow dung) and its importance to be promoted in every household.

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